Weekly featured Cheezes

Weekly featured Cheezes

Cheeze It! was designed as 'the Korean Instagram'. Using cute illustrations, it targets young women in their 20's who love cute things and sharing their lives through photos. 'Cheeze' is representative of the photos that form the core of the service.

My main role in creating this service was to design the GUI and to create all of the filters. This took around 3 months of research, including downloading over 100 existing photo applications and multiple rounds of user-surveys to identify and improve upon problems with the existing applications.


The just.Series is a popular suite of applications created by the digital product studio Waplestore. Each application is designed to be 'simple, but beautiful'.

just.Honey was my first project as part of an internship with the company. The goal of this project was to create a simple iPhone application by myself.

Aside from programming, every aspect of creating the application was done by myself. This included market research, UX and UI design. It has got featured as the 9st popular application in Korean Appstore.