Sneaxels began as a personal art project (, and had its own exhibition at Publican Bites in Seoul before  developing into my final graduation exhibition at Hong-Ik University.

Sneaxels Exhibition in Seoul (2014) Art : Jeong Choe

Sneaxels Exhibition in Seoul (2014) Art : Jeong Choe


The logo and graphic elements are the result of brainstorming, research, and a large number of sketches based on market research. 

In recent years in South Korea there has been a large increase in the popularity of both "sneaker culture" and "art toy culture".  Sneaxels is an approachable and enjoyable art toy brand that bridges the intersection between these two sub-cultures.

The 3d brick model (128mm*72mm) was made from the same material as Lego.


Hit The Up Button : Sneaxels x Nike Air Jordan

Short animation 1'31''

The balance of nature has been disturbed, and the sacred Air Jordan relics shattered and spread across the universe.
Join Jumpman on his quest to collect the scattered pieces of the Air Jordan series and restore balance to the universe, on an epic adventure beyond possibility, beyond imagination, and beyond reality.


Sneaxels Promotion Video  

Short video 1'02''